To Jeff Sommers

Medowie Bowen Clinic

I wish to thank you for introducing myself, and three (3) other family members to Bowen Therapy

For over thirty (30) years I have been on high dosage of very heavy prescription medication to relieve my pain, sometimes with long terms hospitalization. After only five (5) Bowen Therapy treatments from you,I have suffered no pain for the last six (6) months. I now have an active life,continuing to live a pain free which I thought would never happen.

My husband suffers with Cellulitis & after receiving only two (2) Bowen Therapy treatment has had great relief & his leg has released most of the excess fluid & is practically of normal size. Specialists in China & Australia thought they would never see this agan, they held grave concern if it returned.

Himself being a Diabetic,Cellulitis can be fatal, so the importance of keeping it under control is strictly monitored. Fortunately,Bowen treatment has relieved him of this concern.

As you are aware you have treated one of our daughters,whilst she was visiting. After being tretaed by yourself her pain subsided substantially and immediately. When returning home to Quieensland she sort the Bowen Therapist nearest her and continued treatments.

She had seen many leading specialists in New Zealand and Australia regarding her pain & received extensive medical testing & treatment of many years. Subsequently in November of 2006 their diagnosis was she is in the early stages of MS(Multiple Sclerosis).

Her Neurologist, without him being aware she was receiving Bowen Therapy, actually recommended this type of treatment, explaining to her, they had discovered it was of great beneficial value to her and other MS suffers

She continues to be treated with Bowen Therapy to this day and is leading a more productive life that is relatively pain free.

Our Grandson, her eldest son, now a First Grade Rugby League Football Player for a leading Sydney Club had suffered during 2005 and well into three-quarters of 2006 with a repetitive nagging ankle injury & after only two (2) Bowen Treatments has had no trouble & is injury & pain free

He is also a First Year Student of Physiotherapy Body Mechanics Degree at Sydney University and is looking to incorporate studies in Bowen Therapy to compliment his Degree.

We realize that this treatment in not effective nor is it instant for everyone, however it has been a great success with all four members of this family that have chosen to receive this type of therapy. Not only did we all find it effective but it is the least intrusive & gentle method there is

Wishing you all the luck with your new practice

Kind Regards

J.L.  Medowie



You surely are a ‘miracle worker’ Ted is back to normal. Many,many thanks for your help and inderstanding

Gratefully Ted & Karin

Nelson Bay