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The Treatment For Tender Breasts


The treatment for sore and tender breasts is simple and can be taught to women in just a few minutes. If you do not wish to read this article on causes you can skip to the bottom of the page to find out how to treat yourself for this condition

 The Causes Of Tender Breasts

First of all I should mention that if your breasts are sore ,tender or you detect any lumps you should consult your doctor. Breast cancer will not usually generate pain in the early stages but lumps may be detected.

Lumps may just be simple cysts or the start of breast cancer

The concern here is that if this is the first symptom of breast cancer you must act quickly and receive medical treatment immediately.

Once you have ruled out cancer as a cause of your sore breasts or lumps then we can look for other causes

Painful or tender breasts are common

At some stage in their life nearly 70% of women will experience swollen or sore boobs. The medical term is mastalgia

It is often a sign of hormonal changes within the body. Common amongst these are:

  • PMS  Most likely caused by fluid retention which is in turn caused by the higher levels of oestrogen in the body at this time of the month and taking the Mayo Clinic research as a guide ….10 percent of women have moderate to severe mastalgia more than five days per month. Using a 28day cycle as a guide this represents nearly 18% of each month in a state of discomfort or pain depending on how severely you are affected
  • Menopause and even premenopause. Again fundamentally cause by the imbalance of oestrogen and progesterone
  • Too many fats in your cells may make your breast tissue more sensitive to circulating hormones in the body causing breast pain.
  • Certain drugs including  digoxin, methyldopa (Aldomet), spironolactone (Aldactone), some diuretics(ie fluid tablets, and some anti depressants have breast tenderness listed as a side effect.
  • Strangely oral contraceptives are listed both as a cause and a treatment for breast pain.
  • The weight of large breasts can cause breast pain as well as shoulder and back pain.
  • Having a bra that is too tight will interfere with the drainage of the breast area and cause pain as a result. When you take your bra off at night are there marks and indentations in your skin to indicate that something tight and restrictive has been removed.
  • After surgery on the breasts blood clots will form and can cause tenderness for several weeks till they are dispersed by the body and drain away.

What you can do to reduce breast pain

  1. Reduce your intake of dietary fats especially animal fats
  2. Always wear a bra that is the right size and a special sports bra when exercising
  3. Take magnesium supplements in the two weeks before your period. I recommend Fibroplex Plus by Metagenics but you may be able to source other good quality ones that are available near you. Magnesium will also help with muscle pain and cramps. It is also good for stress,extra energy and can reduce the severity of migraines.
  4. Learn the Bowen Breast Procedure which you can do yourself. This is a simple procedure that can be learned in a few minutes and you can use it whenever you need to.

I can teach this procedure quickly to any lady in just a few minutes and being so simple I will not charge for doing so.

My clients have gained relief from

  • Breast pain every month that was reduced within two cycles
  • After surgery for breast reduction a young lady was told by her surgeon the blood clots would cause pain for two to three weeks. After being shown the Bowen Breast Procedure she had relief the next day

The only precaution is what we have been told for many years that it should not be used on anyone with breast implants. Having said that I have spoken to many practitioners who have been treating ladies who have decided to use the procedure anyway because their pain has been so great. No one that I know of has reported any complications,  so I can only assume that the precaution was brought in when breast implants were new and not as safe as the current designs.

One extra benefit of the Bowen Breast Procedure is that is has also been used to increase milk supply in breast feeding mothers. So avoid using it when weaning your baby

To find out how you can learn the Bowen Breast Procedure

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