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Intervertebral Discs

This is a medical term for the discs of cartilage which are between each of the vertebrae in the spine

Slipped Disc TreatmentThese discs are located between each vertebrae in order to protect the spine by absorbing the “shock” of “jarring” which occurs when out feet hit the ground while walking or running.

If subjected to too much pressure the disc may flatten,broaden or bulge from their normal position between the vertebrae and push against a nerve. This can result in pain anywhere along that nerve

The most common area for slipped discs to occur is the lower back which will result in

  • Pain or sometimes numbness or tingling in the back, buttock,legs or even the feet
  • Pain down the back of each leg from the buttocks to the knee (this is called sciatica)
  • Pain with movement, straining, coughing, or doing leg raises

If the problem occurs in the neck then numbness, tingling, weakness, or pain will occur in the shoulder, neck, arm, or hand

Initial self treatment consists of applying ice or cold packs early if an injury occurred and switch to heat later.

Heat may be used early if the pain and symptoms are not caused by a sudden injury.

Limited activity to start with no sudden movements. Keep the area mobile and flexible if possible. Complete bed rest will most certainly slow down any recovery.

When you have this type of injury or pain you will automatically alter the way you walk and move to favour this area and that will stress other muscles causing pain in other areas so that you now have pain all over the body

Bowen therapy is recommended in this instance to ease all this extra pain so that your body only has one pain site to repair. Then slowly help your body to ease the pain around the “slipped disc” and along the affected nerve

I have had a lot of success with this type of injury with fast pain relief in the “extra pain areas” and slight relief in the major area caused by the slipped disc

The longer you wait for your Bowen Therapy treatment the slower is the progress in your recovery from your slipped disc injury

You should also stay in touch with your doctor while ever you have this problem

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Slipped Disc