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There are consequences when you delay your pain relief treatment

They are

  • You will be in pain longer.
  • You will favour the injured area and stress other areas of the body causing further injury.
  • Multiple problems take longer to rectify

Relief from Back PainWhen you injure yourself it is important to seek prompt treatment for your back pain or other muscle pain.

Immediate treatment works faster and you will be in pain for a far shorter time

I have eased lower back pain in less that 10 minutes when it is a very fresh injury.

Delayed treatment however quite often means that by the time I become involved the areas to be treated may include the upper back ,shoulders, neck and even some times the leg muscles.

When this happens  several treatments are often needed to resolve the pain.

I do however try to give some pain relief on each visit….you leave feeling better than when you walked in.

This is my goal at every treatment.

I will sometimes give you some stretching exercises to be done to further enhance your results.

It is essential that you do them to improve your pain relief.

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