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There are many types of pain that may be affecting your body

One of the causes  of muscle pain is cramping.

Muscle cramps are usually caused by insufficient Magnesium in the diet. As a matter of fact 80-85% of adult males tested and up to 65% of females were deficient in Magnesium.

Magnesium is the fourth most important mineral in the body and is required in at least 360 enzymes.

As far as muscles go magnesium is  needed for muscle cramps and muscle spasm. It is also needed for athletic performance. Athletes use so much of it they are often deficient

Pain and other symptoms associated with pre-menstrual syndrome  respond well to magnesium supplementation

A lot of people suffer from fatigue. They get tired very quickly and have trouble keeping alert at work

Chronic fatigue syndrome sufferers will find a combination of Bowen Therapy and magnesium of great benefit

Fibromyalgia is a debilitating condition where the whole body seem to be aching and any movement causes a lot of muscle pain.  Fibromyalgia symptoms have responded wellLymphatic Drainage at Ormeau Pain Relief Clinic to Lymphatic Drainage

In a Mauskop and Altura study on prevention of migraine it was found that a daily supplement of 600mg of Magnesium Diglycinate was a great benefit in avoiding the occurance of migraines

Magnesium is also necessaryin the prevention and treatment  of  heart disease and high blood pressure, chronic fatigue, stress and a whole host of other diseases and symptoms

How do you get it?

Magnesium is in green vegetables, grains nuts and legumes. It is also in smaller amounts in fruit meat and fish. The problem is that processing and cooking can deplete the magnesium content of these foods.

As a supplement the best source in Magnesium Diglycinate. This form is readily absorbable  and therapeutic doses of this can be taken without the gastric upset and diarrhoea caused by other forms of Magnesium.

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