Lymphatic drainage is the first thing you should do when detoxifying the body.

The Lymph system is composed of a network of small vessels and lymph nodes, and is a major part of your immune system.

Toxins are build up as a result of metabolising food, medicines and after infections.

The Lymph systems main job is to filter out the waste and return any nutrients to the circulation.

To keep this whole system working properly you need to consume water and get regular exercise.

Water carries the toxins and the muscles in exercise act at a pump to keep the lymph moving.

When this system becomes inefficient the toxins accumulate in the nodes and tissues causing oedema and tight skin.

Lymphatic drainage stimulates the lymph nodes to work more efficiently  and move the toxins to areas where they can be eliminated.

After a treatment it is essential that you drink water, eat nutritious food and get adequate exercise to assist in the removal of toxins.

Lymphatic drainage would definitely be of benefit for

  • Swollen ankles and legs
  • Bursitis
  • After infections
  • Tight sore breasts
  • A general felling of being unwell.

When clients return after a Lymphatic Drainage I often find that many of the symptoms they originally presented with have disappeared.

Occasionally some clients have felt unwell after treatment but that is simply because the toxins that have been stored in the tissues are now in the circulation waiting to be removed. Drinking more water and exercise will hasten this happening.

Some clients have this repeated every four to six months as a general detox of the body

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