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Jaw Pain And Its Treatment

Dr John Diamond,MD. of Valley Cottage,New York stated in an address to the International College of Applied Kinesiology that ” the Temporomandibular Joint is the Jaw Pain Treated with Bowen Therapymost important joint in the body” Any imbalance in the jaw joint can lead to symptoms and illness anywhere in the body. The Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) is the hinge at the side of the face that connects the jaw, or mandible, to the temporal bone of the skull. Approx 40% of the nerves leave the head through the TMJ. If these nerves are restricted in any manner through the TMJ being out of alignment, this can cause serious and far reaching health problems. Since the TMJ problem is a cumulative disorder, you might notice early signs such as imbalance, pain radiating up the side of the head from in front of the ear, muscle cramps and pain in the shoulders and neck, earaches and toothaches despite the absence of infection. You might also notice symptoms of pain arising in the arms, lower back and legs

The TMJ is also an intersection for the circulation of blood to and from the brain. Most headaches are a result of a disturbance in blood supply to the brain and tension and stress around the jaw causes the neck to tighten, restricting circulation.

Other conditions which respond well to Bowen Therapy done on the TMJ are headaches and migraines, grinding of the teeth or overcrowding, impaired vision,hearing and tinnitus. The Bowen procedure working on the TMJ involves a few specific moves done over the hinges and around the ears. Interestingly many people suffer major TMJ problems after a visit to the dentist due to the extended time frame they need to keep the mouth wide open, yet a simple Bowen move can alleviate this for them.

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