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Define a Frozen Shoulder


Frozen shoulder treatment at Ormeau Pain Relief ClinicA Frozen Shoulder occurs when the shoulder stiffens up and becomes too painfulĀ  to move. Lack of movement then adds further to the stiffness until you cannot move the shoulder at all.

The stiffening may come on gradually and will usually be accompanied by increasing pain as the problem develops.

The stiffening can gradually increase until there is little or no movement at all.

Pain will often be more noticeable at night especially if you try to sleep on that shoulder.

As the stiffness increases pain may actually diminish.

The lack of movement which occurs when you are in pain will actually increase the amount of stiffness that will occur.

It is advisable to check with your doctor first who will usually recommend an X-ray to determine if there are any abnormalities in the shoulder. If it is the usual frozen shoulder there will not be any abnormalities and it will really be a stiffening on the muscles.

Bowen Therapy is excellent at relaxing the affected muscles and improving movement while at the same time relieving any pain associated with the injury. The earlier you seek treatment the faster will be your recovery as the improvement is gradual.
The following show exercises that will help in your recovery. As Dr Lewis mentions the exercises are not enough on their own but they will help in the treatment and they may prevent the condition returning. It is important that you do not cause severe pain. Just make the movement until pain begins then ease up

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