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These exercises are NOT to be used to replace therapy

They can however be used as a home follow up after therapy or if you are otherwise healthy they can be used to keep your muscles supple.

They are mainly directed towards stretching.

All exercises are meant to be started with few repetitions and gradually increase. If in pain DO NOT ATTEMPT

Where weights are suggested… If you don’t have the right weight you can substitute a bottle filled with water. The exercises are not designed to build muscle but to tone and improve flexibility.

Rotator Cuff Exercises


Carpal Tunnel

The following exercise for carpal tunnel should be done after treatment and the stretching should only be done without inflicting pain


The Trapezius runs along the top and rear of the shoulders. Levator Scapulae from shoulder blades up into the neck.


Lower Back

This lower back exercise is to be done slowly with the emphasis on stretching

The old adage “No pain No Gain” does NOT apply in these treatments.

Sciatic Pain

Hip stretching must be done very slowly and carefully … Do not force and remember No Pain

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