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Your muscle pain can now be relieved fast at Ormeau Pain Relief Clinic on the Gold Coast.

Muscle and tendon pain is usually caused by overuse, straining or trauma such as car accidents or sports and work injuries. The result is  the muscle will tighten and cause pain on movement. Sometimes a nerve may be affected.

Your body will then favour that area and so cause problems and stressed muscles elsewhere.

A fresh injury is always easier to treat so it is important that you obtain treatment as soon as possible. I have been able to rectify some recent injuries in as little as 10 minutes

All these pain symptoms will usually respond to the gentle procedures used in Bowen Therapy.  The results are now so predictable that you can now get a guarantee.

Significant relief or your treatment is free

The types of pain which respond well are headaches (even most migraine headaches), neck and shoulder pain, back pain, pelvic pain, hamstring and quad pain  and knee & ankle.

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