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Jeff Sommers was a Pharmacist for over 40 years.

In 1999 Jeff also studied to be a Bowen Therapist and has been in practice since early 2002. This was mainly in NSW but in January 2010 Jeff moved to Ormeau on the Upper Gold Coast.

The Emmett Technique is another popular therapy that is getting amazing results.

Jeff’s treatments are now a combination of Bowen and Emmett Techniques

Bowen and Emmett Combination Therapy is a must have therapy for those suffering from muscle problems and it is so successful Jeff is giving a guarantee that if you do not walk our feeling better than when you arrived he will not charge you.

Bowen Therapy is also very effective in many hormone imbalances in the body ( e.g. period pain,menopause symptoms, some causes of infertility, symptoms of endometriosis) The treatments were developed in consultation with leading Gynaecologists.


Jeff is a Therapist Member of the Bowen Therapists Federation of Australia and is now Practicing Bowen and Emmett Therapy at his Clinic in Ormeau.

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