Relief from Back Pain

Bowen Therapy

To make an appointment to relieve your pain Call Jeff on 5546 6899 Your muscle pain can now be relieved fast at Ormeau Pain Relief Clinic on the Gold Coast. Muscle and tendon pain is usually caused by overuse, straining

Lady Stretching

Exercise Page

To make an appointment to relieve your pain Call Jeff on 5546 6899 These exercises are NOT to be used to replace therapy They can however be used as a home follow up after therapy or if you are otherwise

Female Hormonal Problems

Hormonal Relief

Are your hormones driving you crazy? To make an appointment to get relief from your hormones Call Jeff on 5546 6899 For some ladies hormone imbalances can mean anything from a mild to a very distressing impact on their quality of

The lymphatic system

Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic drainage is the first thing you should do when detoxifying the body. The Lymph system is composed of a network of small vessels and lymph nodes, and is a major part of your immune system. Toxins are build up

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Pain Relief Guaranteed

Guaranteed Pain Relief

Pain Relief with Bowen Therapy at Ormeau on the Gold Coast Most muscle and tendon injuries respond to Bowen Therapy and if you do not receive significant pain relief your Bowen Treatment is FREE To make an appointment to relieve

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Call Jeff Now on 5546 6899 make an appointment for your Bowen and Emmett Treatment to gain significant relief from your pain and discomfort

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